Spinning Videos

Here we’ve gathered a collection of videos dedicated to spinning. If you need inspiration or just curious to see how the others do it, check the videos below.

People seem to do some really creative stuff to keep their spinning sessions interesting! They spin on top of buildings, in disco clubs, sing while spinning and so on. Check them out you will get either inspired or at least entertained!

Here is an extremly inspiring spinning video from Brasil!
They spin on the top of a scyscrapper like there is no tomorrow!

A short demo how they do it in Europe! Disco style!

There is even a song dedicated!

And some people go as far as doing spinning karaoke class…

Spinning Classes

Spinning – You Can Make This A Classy Act

Go take a Spinning Class – this is a great way to meet like-minded new people –albeit – sweaty, and get to burn off the calories and tone up the muscles.

Let’s set the scenario:  There you are, in a room, the lights are low, music is pumping out at a great rate of decibels; you are pedalling fast and faster and acting on the instructor’s commands. Commands like:

“Off your saddles, people, we’re going uphill.”

Along with your fellow spinners, you rise and then pedal faster as if indeed, you were going uphill.

These are some of the joys of taking a spinning class.  The great thing too, is you’re not doing this solo.  You’ll get sympathy and no doubt give sympathy to from and to your fellow ‘sufferers.”

Spinning classes are a relatively new phenomenon, where you join in a group and workout for about 30-75 minutes.  Qualified instructors guide you through a series of exercises from warm-up to cool down.

These exercises are determined by things such as:

  • Cadence or pedal rate
  • Adjustment of the bike’s flywheel to suit the rate of ease of difficulty.
  • The rider’s body position – seated or unseated.

By taking the classes, you can be assured of:

  • An effective workout.
  • All year and all –season training.
  • A variety of interesting routines.
  • A program to suit you. (After all you’re paying for it)

A good instructor will help you make the classes beneficial for you

And enjoy a good vigorous workout.

Here is one you can use at home!

Here is how they do it around the world:

Spinning Shoes

Indoor Spinning Shoes

Fitter Feet and A Fitter You

Spinning – or exercise biking – has gained popularity right across the globe.  This is a fairly unparallel regime of exercises, carried out by like-minded people on exercise bikes, under the supervision of a qualified instructor.   Let’s face it, bike riding, either on the road, or in the exercise center, can be pretty uncomfortable at the best of times but luckily it can be made easier by adopting the right gear.

Take shoes for example.  There are many kinds of spinning shoes made available for men and women.  These shoes are different from, let’s say, running tennis or even everyday shoes.

Spinning shoes have nice, firm soles which become attached to the pedals and help you pull back the pedals whilst spinning.

Do I Really Need Spinning Shoes:

Short answer is yes you do. Sure, other sports shoes are okay too; however, if you’re dead serious about becoming a spinner, it is advisable to purchase an appropriate set of the right spinning shoes.  Silly as this might sound, but wearing the wrong type of shoes for spinning is probably akin to a baseball catcher wearing skiing gloves.


Simple; for an effective workout and have the leg muscles being exercised effectively, indoor spinning shoes are advisable.

It’s not our place to advise you on brands, just to let you know that to benefit entirely from your spinning workouts – the right gear – and we mean shoes are the go.

Here is a bit more info:

Here are few models just to get good visual idea: